Zhenqin Huang: Miroslav Klose

My career of being a football fan started 11 years ago, all because of one person---Miroslav Klose.

When Gemany beat Saudi Arabia with the score stood in 8-1."Miro was the Saviour" I kept telling myself & fell in love with football and Germany and Miro in a sudden. I watched 2002 & 2006 & 2010 World Cup,I saw Miro running on the field and did everything in his power to make Germany stronger. In these 11 years, I was touched by him again and again.

The walls in my room were pasted with bills of Miro (and other players as well). They have been the power of my life for over a decade!!!I cant watch every game he played because of the time difference...Feel a little sorry about this.

I became a FC Bayern Munchen Fan because of Miro as well.Though he left the team one year ago,I am unable to extricate myself now.Those memories about him when he was a part of the team had influenced me so much.

Now I‘m looking forward to 2014 World Cup. I do believe Miro will be selected as a member of German National Football Team and start a new history. That'll be my 13th year to follow him.The road's beset with difficulties,but I have no regret.Miro has taught me so much❤

That's my memory of Miro so far...

Zhenqin Huang

Memory added on December 19, 2012

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I'm a fan of German Nation Football Team...I'm a fan of German Nation Football Team...