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First game I went to was Pat Jennings testimonial. Just tall enough to see through the fence, as we were standing.

George Best came on for all of about ten minutes.

Someone passed it to him, he turned, 23 yards out and passed it into the bottom corner.

Quick signal to the bench and off he went. Genius.

I was lucky enough to meet George a couple of times before he passed away, and he was beyond charismatic, simply charming and devilishly handsome! It's such a shame that the dreaded bottle got such a grip on him, but he certainly lived quite a life and I will never forget that day when I saw him do what he did 'best'.

Colin Murray


Colin is a supporter of the sporting memories network. He is a presenter on Talksport and previously worked with BBC Radio 5 Live, Fighting Talk for 5 Live as well as presenting Match of the Day 2 for BBC TV. In 2007 Colin was named the Music Broadcaster Of The Year at the Sony Radio Academy Awards whilst presenting on Radio One.

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Memory added on April 28, 2013

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Was lucky to see George from his first days at OT until his last. Still finest I have ever seen. It will be 50 years on Sept 14th since his debut v WBA. Slim,dark haired,head resting on his shoulder ball glued to his feet

– ROY CAVANAGH MBE, August 2 2013 at 11:33

Although not a Man U fan I saw Best play several times. There is no doubt he was a football genius although I have to say he never got much change from #LUFC defender Paul Reaney. I believe he would have comfortably been able to play in the modern game and how much would he have been worth in the transfer market? If you truly love football you have to respect the talents of others, footballing wise Best deserves that respect.

– Bob Procter, August 19 2013 at 21:43

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George Best - pictured in the Sporting Memories Network GuideGeorge Best - pictured in the Sporting Memories Network Guide