Ivan and Marko Milnaric: Euro 96, Croatia v. Denmark

It was the first big competition for Croatia after separation from Yugoslavia and we knew we had a good team. Whole country is crazy about football and football is one of the biggest joys for people here so everyone was watching games with lots of passion. After a hard earned win against Turkey in our first match, we were playing against one of the potential favorites of tournament. This was the first big game for Croatia on a big stage. After taking lead and being pressed by Denmark by the end of the game, Davor Suker scored an iconic chip shot against probably the best goalkeeper at the time in Peter Schmeichel and caused eruption of enthusiasm all across the country to confirm the first big victory for our national team.

You have to understand that our country just got out of war and emotions combined with national identity caused people to unite again about something first time after winning war.

I can tell you how much football means to people here by saying that war unofficially started on a football match in Zagreb when Red Star Belgrade came to play against Dinamo Zagreb.

And Davor Suker scoring such iconic chip shot against the best GK in the world made me watch that highlight, as a result it made into the intro of every Euros pre-match show in Croatia.

Memory added on July 2, 2021

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