S. Stallion: Euro 2000, Italy v. The Netherlands

I was very young but one game and moment that I will never forget, is Francesco Totti chipping Edwin Van Der Sar in the Euro 2000 semi final penalty shoot out between Italy and the Netherlands.

I remember we had gotten absolutely destroyed that game so for Italy to manage somehow to get to penalties after how the Netherlands had played. While Netherlands themselves had missed two penalties throughout the 120 minutes or so, and being a Roma fan i was nervous for Totti when it came to the pen shootout especially as Netherlands had missed two already that was playing on my mind but Van Der Sar looked massive in his goals, but Totti made the pen look easy nonetheless.

What impressed me the most was that he didn’t just chip him so well, but that he chose to chip him to the right. More often than not I’ve seen chips go straight down the middle, so it felt like a double risk in my mind but it showed Totti had complete confidence in his ability to put the penalty away regardless of the situation.

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