A Collection of World Cup memories

1966 World Cup. I was in France in a cafe filled with English and Germans. Good atmosphere and no fights! B Dwyer

Watching the 1998 World Cup Final with France v Brazil in Africa. I was crowded with hundreds of people on a roof, watching on a little tele! Jo Hodgson

The whole 2002 World Cup was a magical moment for many Koreans. Not only did the national team do very well, but also I witnessed how sports can connect people. The whole nation went crazy for a month, everyone could not be happier. It was the time when we found our identity and became proud of the country. The South Korean National team came in fourth, but they won the peoples' hearts over the whole nation. Dong Uk Kim

The great World Cup of 2002. The World Cup of the underdog. Although Brazil and Germany were finalists, many forget that Turkey and South Korea were third and fourth respectively. Many also forget the historic run of teams such as Senegal, USA, Japan and Ireland - and the removal of such powerhouses like Argentina, Uruguay, France and Portugal from the knockout rounds. This is when my career as a fan began and I have not looked back since. Anthony Lim

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