Tom Birtwistle: 1998, England v. Argentina

Seven years old. World Cup. England v Argentina. Round of 16. My dad was in France for the World Cup and I remember being excited to stay up and watch the game in the living room with my mum. We had switched the sofa around and we were both all set. Not only is this my earliest memory, but it’s also the moment I met my footballing hero.

England’s young striker Michael Owen was all everybody was talking about and I remember him bursting through and scoring that ridiculous solo goal to give England the lead. I was a City season ticket holder at the time, but I can honestly say I had never been so excited about one action on a football pitch, one goal. He was our youngest player and I was in awe of his speed, his confidence and his celebration. The game unfolded into one of despair and disappointment for English football fans, but it’s a game that made me fall in love with the sport. I’ll always have a soft spot for Michael Owen after that night – regardless of what he went on to do and more importantly who he went on to play for. He was a young, English icon and he will forever be the reason I fell in love with the game.

Tom Birtwistle, Digital Communications Executive: The PCA

Memory added on July 1, 2021


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